Flowers by Bornay

Space rental for events

Flowers by Bornay is located in one of the most emblematic and unique places in Barcelona, in the heart of Sants neighborhood.

With 420m2 of useful area for events and 234m2 of parking, the space has everything set to perform all kinds of events, filming and photo shootings. Along with the space, Flowers by Bornay can offer special services for attendees (workshops, acting, floral decoration for events or shootings ...).

Rental can be arranged in 3 formats:

Useful square meters: 420m2

Height: 8m

Parking: 234m2

Address: Melcior de Palau 32-36, 08028 Barcelona

Bathrooms: 2

Catering, furniture, music, audiovisuals: Free recruitment

Kitchen: No

Wi-Fi: Yes

Climate Control: No

Natural light: Yes

Cleaning included: Yes


Elisabet Rius

sw.yanrob@ecaps 998954626(43+)


We love to share our inspiration.

Discover the technique of Flowers by Bornay in our Workshops in Barcelona.

WorkShop formats and prices:

Full time Individual:

You will be part of the team of Flowers by Bornay during a working day. During the day, a team member will be with you teaching the art and inspiration of Bornay universe.

1 Full-time from 10am to 6pm, (expandable to desired days)

Individual Part Time:

You will be part of the team of Flowers by Bornay during a morning or afternoon on a working day. During the half-day, one team member will be with you teaching the technique and inspiration of some of our arrangements.

Part Day from 10am to 2pm

Shared 2h:

Learn the basic technique of one of our best seller floral arrangements. Groups are from 3 up to 7 people. Shared Workshops have a duration of 2 hours and at the end you can take your arrangement with you.

Typology of Shared Workshops:

- Bouquets

- Centerpieces

- Diadeem and accessories

Shared 4h Saturday:

During 4h on Saturday, Flowers by Bornay team will show you the most inspiring techniques to create bouquets, centerpieces, diadeems and accessories. Groups are from 3 up to 7 people and at the end you can take the arrangements with you.

4h Saturday

Calendar 4th Quarter 2016

Shared 2h Bouquets.

Shared 2h Centerpieces.

Shared 2h Diadeems and accessories.

Shared 4h Saturday.

Individual: Contact.

To join a Bornay Workshop, please write us at sw.yanrob@ofni and we will talk in detail about your participation. We hope to share our inspiration with you very soon.

Flowers by Bornay